What is your opinion on the W.H.O. halving (from 10% to 5%, 5% being roughly 25g) the GDA for sugar in lieu of 'the rising obesity pandemic'?

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Short answer: I think the W.H.O. is full of shit, their opinion is not based in anything that deserves to be called science or logic. They should be held criminally and civilly liable for even saying it. 

Long answer: There is no rising obesity pandemic. Their science and logic are bad on all levels.

First, they still use the BMI system. No organization who uses it should be allowed to have any authority. They should be prosecuted. They should be revealed as frauds and incompetent charlatans. That system was, by its own creator, said not to be useful or good to use for individuals. The use of height as a criteria is not justified or explained. The math is bad and not mathematically sound. And it can make a person obese who has not one ounce of body fat on them if they are short enough. This has been known for years. 

Second, the W.H.O. itself says that sugar does not cause obesity. It claims that obesity is the result of people who eat sugar, don’t feel full because of the sugar and then eat more and get fat. So, if by their own logic sugar does not directly cause obesity, but rather a response to feeling deprived does, why do they think drastically depriving people of a type of energy source/food ingredient is going to solve anything. 

That’s like trying to save a sinking boat by putting water IN IT as if the inside water will keep the outside water from entering. No. That’s not even close to logic and it’s no goddamn basis for making giant, authoritative statements on health, diets, and weight. 

Third, the W.H.O. like all the other big health organizations that buy into the obesity scare (and it’s a scare, not an epidemic or pandemic) are liars who cheat and rig the numbers. 

Obesity is just this: a type or state of a body. To say that it is an epidemic is like saying there’s a pregnancy epidemic. No. Obesity is a body type, because bodies do what they do under certain conditions. And I have yet to have anyone come to me with hard, objective, scientific, causal (NOT CORRELATIVE), evidenced based reasons why obese bodies are so direly in need of being modified until they are within acceptable parameters. 

So far, I have people who sling correlations and bad statistics at me like monkeys flinging feces. It’s disgusting and I hate putting up with it. I have people who will tell me that obesity causes all these different diseases. In reality, at best, they have a risk factor percentage that is out of context and completely devoid of any comparison to other risk factors. The media has happily contributed to this because apparently reminding people that correlation is not causation is just too goddamn exhausting or difficult for everyone from USA Today to the BBC. 

Fourth, The W.H.O. cheats, doesn’t tell people it rigs numbers. Because it can, overnight, make people thinner or fatter, healthier or sicker and nothing about those people will physically have changed. i

Don’t believe me?

In America in 1998, 29 million people instantly became overweight. They did not gain any actual physical weight or change their amount of body fat. But the federal government changed the threshold and voila! 29 million people who were categorized as being average weight were suddenly not average, but “overweight”. 

And the year before the diagnostic criteria for a disease that gets deeply linked to obesity - diabetes - had the same make over. The diagnostic criteria went from a 140/mg.dL in a fasting blood sugar to 126/mg.dL. So, instantly a bunch of people became diabetic without a damn thing changing in their health. 

And, gee, somewhere around 2000, we get a huge ramp-up in the obesity epidemic panic, complete with smug yet dire sounding news heads telling us all about how much more diabetes we all had. 

And gee, do you think that’s affected how the W.H.O. has thought about obesity? 

In the end, the WHO’s logic only holds up if you buy into the premise that a body can be wrong. Not sick, ill, or broken. But in and of itself WRONG and that this wrongness is so dire that lies, bad science, and hatred must be employed to correct those bodies.

So, what do I think?

I think the W.H.O. can pucker up and kiss my big ol’, well informed, not taking this, obese as all hell ASS and see how they like the taste of it. Because I’ve certainly had enough of their asses and their shit in my face.


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