This is a blog by scientists about the anti-science of healthism.

This blog might be for you if you:

  • are aware of or interested in the history of health research, including its many grand claims later found to be utterly false (after having maimed/tortured/killed thousands of people)
  • agree that if what we know about health and human biology is the size of a frisbee, half of that frisbee would be under dispute, and what we don’t know about health and human biology would be the size of the planet
  • roll your eyes at local news ‘health’ headlines (which tend to contradict themselves week to week)
  • think Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil and Dr. Sharma have a lot more wrong with their currently held scientific opinions and presentation thereof than they have right
  • believe that shows like The Biggest Loser have nothing at all to do with actual health and positive outcomes of its contestants and viewers
  • agree that there is no obesity epidemic
  • agree that skepticism, not belief, should be the natural foundation of intellectual and scientific inquiry
  • agree that medical researchers and health care professionals are as prone to error and bias as any other human, regardless of how many years they spent getting their degrees
  • …or are just plain curious about healthism and why it’s bunkum!


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